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Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Making the decision to file a domestic violence restraining order or a civil restraining order can be difficult. At the Law Office of Rupert Corkill, we can help you seriously reflect on whether a restraining order is necessary. We can also represent you if you were falsely accused of domestic violence and a restraining order was filed against you.

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Redding Restraining Orders Attorney, Helping Domestic Violence Victims

If you are a domestic violence victim, you might be scared and unsure of what to do. You probably do not want to upset your spouse or disrupt your family, but the reality is that a restraining order can protect you and your children from further harm. Don't wait to get help. Contact the Law Office of Rupert Corkill for sound and compassionate legal guidance.

False Accusations and Restraining Orders

If you were falsely accused of domestic violence and a family member filed an unfair restraining order against you, seek legal counsel. A restraining order can prevent you from having contact with your children and entering your home. Attorney Rupert Corkill has significant experience representing alleged perpetrators in cases where domestic violence allegations were fabricated.

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