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Pregnancy is one of the happier times in many people's lives but there may also be difficulties that are associated with it as well. One of those difficulties may occur if paternity is a question, either because it is denied by the father or for other reasons. When those difficulties occur, hiring a paternity lawyer is the first step in the process. The entire field of paternity law involves recognizing the biological father of the child from a legal standpoint.

Typically, if there is a question as to paternity, the mother will file a paternity suit against the alleged father. This may be done for a variety of reasons, but it is typically to obtain child support. As paternity lawyers, we can guide you through the maze of legal issues and help legally establish the father of the child.


When a husband and wife have a child, it is legally presumed that the husband is the father. The same is not true with unmarried couples. When a child is born, it is important to establish paternity in case one parent decides to seek child support or custody. If a marriage takes place after the child is born, a legitimation form can be signed. This gives both parents the same legal rights as if they had the child while they were married. Even if they don't marry, they can establish paternity voluntarily.

The paternity suit may involve a number of different factors, including DNA testing that will check the genetic material of both the child and the possible father to see if it is a match. This type of testing can even take place before the child is born. Typically, establishing paternity involves looking at any genetic markers that are similar between the mother and the child. Any characteristics that are not also found in the mother are likely to come from the father. If the man who took the test does not have those characteristics, then they will still calculate the probability that he is the father. DNA testing has a high rate of accuracy, typically over 99%.

After paternity has been established, a legal order for child support can be given to the father. As long as the mother is providing reasonable care, it is unlikely that the father will be awarded custody of the child. He may, however, receive preferential custody over prospective adoptive parents or grandparents.

When you are faced with this type of an issue, regardless of which side of the issue you happen to be on, it is important to have legal counsel by your side. An experienced lawyer can walk you through the process and ensure that things are cared for in a proper way.

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