What if you don't plan your estate?


Someone else already has a plan,
do you like theirs?


Your Estate Plan - or California's Plan?

What will happen to your property if you don't make a will and estate plan before you die? All states have a legal process in place for determining who will inherit the property of a person who fails to make a valid will through each state's "intestacy laws."

What does it mean to have died “intestate?” This simply means that a person has died without having made a valid last will. If this is the case, then the intestate laws of the state where the person lived and owned real estate at the time of their death will determine who will inherit their property. While each state has different laws, they all generally follow the same pattern - first your spouse and your children will inherit your property; if you don’t have a spouse or any children, then your parents will inherit your property; if your parents have predeceased you then your brothers and sisters will inherit your property; if not, then your property will go to your nieces and nephews.

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