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Are you looking for a family law attorney?  The most common and financially devastating legal dispute you are likely to go through is a divorce. Our job is to help you come to an agreement that works for both sides and help you avoid the emotional toll that long-drawn out court battles take. We take the matter through the court and use our expertise to bring you the optimum outcome.

Service is our most important product, and you are the most important member of our team.  At the Law Office of Rupert Corkill, we recognize the importance of understanding your needs and how the actions of others have impacted them. Our experience as divorce lawyers in the Redding, CA area has taught us that you want an aggressive and successful closer that is both swift and economical, and this is what our firm will provide.

When we become your family law & divorce attorney, you will be represented with compassion, experience, and a solid track record of success. We will not look for excuses but we only look for successful resolutions. As a result, you will leave our offices knowing we have reached the best possible outcome.

From the beginning, it is crucial to understand that the client’s relationship with their family law lawyer may be the most important part of their case. If your legal matters require special attention and experience then our firm is right for you.

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