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Domestic violence is a serious and real problem, but often spousal abuse charges are overblown or motivated by some other factors, like the desire to gain leverage in a divorce or child custody battle. While each situation is different, all are potentially life changing. If you have been accused of domestic abuse, contact Rupert Corkill, Redding Domestic Violence Lawyer, as soon as possible. Additionally, by all means, please contact Mr. Corkill as soon as safely possible if you have suffered domestic violence or spousal abuse.

Our Redding, California law firm uses years of experience representing people victim of or accused of domestic violence in California state courts. Our lawyers have the capacity to take immediate action in your domestic violence case.

We can handle both the civl law and family law aspects of these matters. We also represent clients in matters related to violation of restraining orders and contempt of court. Our goal is to keep clients off the Domestic Abuse Registry.

Guiding You Through the Legal System

Many people who are accused of domestic violence have not been through the legal system before. They are unsure about what could happen and they worry how the serious consequences of a restraining order may impact their lives, as well as custody of their children.

Attorney Rupert Corkill has experience handling domestic violence matters for both victims and the accused. He takes the worry out of domestic violence litigation by explaining the legal system to you. We tell you step by step what to expect and help predict the probable outcome. We then take aggressive action to help you get the best possible results.

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